The Case That Liberates Your Hands

- Organic Interface between Hand and Phone

- Patented Elastic and Brace System

- One-Handed Easy Access/ Full Phone Operation

- Seamless Integration of Phone for Multitasking

- Allows Greater Range for Taking Selfies and Photos

- Open Handed Use Gives Smoother Panning Videos

- Prevents Hand and Wrist Pain from Gripping

- Doubles as a Landscape and Portrait Stand

- Most Comfortable Way to View Content on Phone

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HandL is designed as a natural extension of your hand. Because HandL users can securely hold their phones with just two fingers, the ergonomic design relaxes your hand and reduces the strain that comes from gripping your smartphone. HandL phone cases feel sleek and soft to the touch, without adding bulk or discomfort.


HandL slides on and off quickly and easily with one hand. Operate your phone faster with less effort. Text, talk and take photos with new range and flexibility– wherever you can reach your hand, you can use your phone. When you need both hands, HandL ingeniously converts into a portrait and landscape stand.


By attaching the phone to your hand using HandL’s proprietary flexible brace, you will benefit from a more secure interface with your larger phone. The patented brace system applies easy pressure on just one or two fingers against the back of the phone, eliminating the need to grip the device, and allowing you to experience a new freedom and flexibility with less dropping worries.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We offer a 14-day unconditional warranty/return service and a 1 year limited warranty on all cases

Learn How HandL Works

Stop hand pain caused from gripping your phone!

Constantly gripping your smart phone can cause repetitive strain injury. Learn more about how using HandL to wear your phone can reduce risk of dropping your phone while simulataneously decreasing repetitive strain behavior.

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The Artist who invented HandL

From presidents to covers of TIME magazine, Allen Hirsch’s artwork is known worldwide. Whether its describing the depth of a face or a landscape, Hirsch’s passion is solving problems creatively. Through his art, he explored how the brain projected itself on each side of the face and how the hand scientifically projected feelings on paper. He pioneered new techniques such as new cubism, string, and mesh painting.

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